Tasmania's leading Ozzi Kleen Waste Water System Specialist | Est. 1984
In business since since 1984, we have been asked countless questions by our customers, and we are always happy to answer them. Below we have listed just a few of the most commonly asked questions by new and ongoing customers. If your question is not answered please get in touch with us.
  • I have a problem with my plumbing but I do not know what service I need, can you help me?
    Yes. We are always happy to help diagnose and resolve problems no matter how big or small. The best thing to do is call us on (03) 6248 5270, so we can organise a time for a technician to visit and access your problems.
  • I have a waste water treatment system, but its not Ozzi Kleen, does this mean you can't service it?
    We can service and fix all council approved waste water treatment systems and regularly work with systems other than Ozzi Kleen.
  • What options do I have for sourcing irrigation fittings etc?
    We work flexibly with clients of all types, including those that prefer to source their own fittings, and those would like us to source irrigation fittings on their behalf.
  • What can I do with waste water once treated, are there restrictions on usage?
    Yes, there are restrictions on usage. While the restrictions will vary from council to council, and on the origin of the waste water originally. Generally speaking, treated water is not intended for household use, and as a general rule should be used for aerated watering of garden areas.
  • Does MG Roberts Plumbing partner with other businesses to deliver services?
    MG Roberts Plumbing works with Turbo Plumbing. We manage the servicing of all Ozzi Kleen Wastewater Treatment Systems. While Turbo Plumber installs systems, sell and service Orange Pumps, and completes all plumbing work. This is a long standing arrangement and an integral part of our success to date.